We’re proud to introduce the newest Crunch-Time Language guide!

The New Crunch-Time Guide to Parenting Language for Chinese Adoption is the absolute, must-have, can’t-live-without-it, English to Chinese words and phrases you need to communicate effectively with your newly adopted child while-in-China-and-after-you-get-home guide!

CRUNCH-CHINA-BookCover5_5x8_5_Color_40The book is designed to help parents be able to communicate effectively from day one. It’s also great if you’re already home, and need to communicate quickly.

The New Crunch-Time Guide’s sections are divided into simple categories, each color-coded so you can quickly find and dive into the section needed at any given moment. Within each section, words are listed in the general order of importance and frequency of usage – usually words first, common phrases last.

Sometimes, the English version of a phrase may seem a little odd. Why? We translated phrases as they’re most commonly used as adult to child in China, which doesn’t always have a direct word-for-word correlation in English. For instance, in the Western world we might say, “time for bed” but in China adults would say, “come to sleep.” In the spirit of easier communication, we’ve used the Chinese phrasing the children are most likely used to hearing, rather than the English phrase.

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